With an extensive teaching background, Chris is able to communicate to all ages and ability levels. Chris is extremely proud of his students, past and present, and many have achieved excellent results in music examinations. Some have even gone on to pursue their own careers in music.

A range of techniques are explored in the lessons with a view to making the student adaptable to various musical situations. Success is achieved by addressing key areas:

  •  Developing the student’s ear so that they can decifer pitch and rhythm and recognize patterns and chord progressions, (this is especially crucial in popular styles such as jazz and rock when sheet music often isn’t used and successful interplay between band members depends heavily on good listening skills).
  •  Posture, physiological and technical issues related to playing;
  •  Intellectual aspects such as fretboard knowledge, note reading, theory etc.

Chris offers lessons on guitar, (classical/acoustic/electric), bass guitar and ukulele. Please go to the “contact” page if you would like to schedule lessons.

*Remote lessons now available.* Please contact Chris for more details.